Riley Duquette was born on May 28th 2012. He currently lives in Concord, NH with his mother, Karly Moseley, his sister, Madalyn Duquette, his brother, Mason Moseley, and his stepfather, Shawn Moseley. He attends school at Abbott-Downing School and is considered a beacon of hope among his peers. Riley enjoys playing the piano with his mother, listening to Macklemore, bright lights, loud noises, and being outdoors. Riley loves spending days engaging with what White Park has to offer. Riley delights in standing and playing the musical chimes at the playground, and being pushed on the swings.


Riley was born with a rare disease. His disorder falls under an umbrella of Peroxisomal Biogenesis Disorders (PBD). Peroxisomal Biogenesis Disorder (PBD) refers to disorders in the Zellweger Spectrum. These are all rare, genetic, metabolic, terminal conditions affecting all major systems of the body.

Running For Riley is an event his family has put together to help raise awareness for those families affected by rare diseases, and to celebrate the health of those fortunate enough to participate. The proceeds from the event will go to the Global Foundation for Peroxisomal Disorders (www.thegfpd.org). The GFPD has provided support, guidance, advanced medical expertise, and the feeling of family for almost six years now to Riley’s family. This annual event will be held each year in Riley’s name.

“It is our way of thanking the GFPD for their time, efforts, and continued research into Peroxisomal Disorders.” – Karly (Riley’s mother)